A Detailed Look At Our Rebuilding Process

1) First we tear down the machine to bare castings.

2) Castings are then separated down to the bare base or pan, as some call it, the castings are cleaned and the old paint removed.

3) Next, the inside of the castings are sealed with a paint type sealer. The outside is primered and the rough body filled, then they are re-primered and sanded until they are virtually smooth. The castings are then painted with the color of your choice.

4) Castings are reassembled using gage pins and alignment tables to insure proper alignment.

5) The spindle carrier is pre-installed with an alignment table andgages. The carrier drop is set and the whitehouse dimension is set.

Spindle carrier with synchronized spindles

6) We replace all bearings, all bushings, all rolls and pins, all seals right down to the nuts and bolts.

7) The system is ground, toolslide rebushed, new Garlock seals installed, spindles rebuilt or replaced, new Timken precision spindle bearings installed, new oil flingers, new bronze retainers, new spindle gears, new spindle drive gear, new spindle drive shaft and new 70B finger holder assy's installed.

Before grinding the stem

After grinding the stem

Comparing the two

Complete spindle carrier rebuilding

8) All cam drums are repaired or replaced, the drum shaft is rebuilt, cam drums reamed and new taper pins and keys installed. New bronze gears, new worm gears and new bevel gears are also installed.

9) New roll clutch, and all other clutches are rebuilt or replaced with new, if rebuilding cost is prohibitive. New range shafts, gears and pulley shaft are installed.

10) All slides are refitted and scraped in and slides are returned to the original centerline of the spindles.

Rebuilt 1948 1" RA-6 Acme

11) The backend is rebuilt with new guide shafts, bushings, rolls and pins.

12) The single roll ring slide is updated to double roll and new chucking shoes are installed.

13) Electric motor is then rewound and new bearings are installed. The electrics are all rewired and we give you a NEW schematicsfor the machine.

Rewired electrical system

14) The machine is turn tested with locking blocks dialed into less than .003" total. We furnish you with these results and tighter tolerances can be given if needed.

15) New end toolslide holders along with the attachments are line bored. Machines can also be updated with new flat toolslides.

Manufactured new flat tool slides

16) Boring and sleeving of the spindle carrier housing and bearing journals in the gear box are an extra charge, as would be the spindle holes in the spindle carrier.

Inhouse boring and sleeving the carrier housings