Increase Your Machines Life

Dirt and fine shavings are your machines worst enemy
Better filtration is your Cost Effective Prevention!


Installs in minutes!

Priced at $79.00
Replacement filters  $6.50 ea.

  • Superior 10 micron filtration canister.

  • Easy to read guage lets you know when to change the filter.

  • Eliminates hand scraping required with the old style filter.

Easy to Install

  1. Simply remove the 6 bolts of the old filter body.

  2. Remove old dirty filter and discard.

  3. Remove old gasket and wipe clean.

  4. Install new gasket.

  5. Bolt on the new filter body.

  6. Screw on the "New Filter Canister"

  7. Then you are on your way to better filtration.

    Absolutely no plumbing required

    For added protection, install our lubrication FLOW SWITCH along with our filter system
    to shut the machine down if the lube lines plug up, or the lub sump runs low or dry.

Order Stock #
Filtration kit part #FS-110
Spin-on Filter part #RF-119

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